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2017 Sunfish Racing Results

Final Season Scores for 2017:

Congratulations to all of our sailors and thank you for coming out and racing! Sunfish races are always one of the highlights of my summer and it wouldn’t be possible without everyone coming out to race. Thank you also to everyone who came out to run races on the committee boat, your help is much appreciated, without you we would have to take away from our sailors each week to run the races, and I always love seeing a lot of racers out there, so thank you for making this possible!

Complete Scores for Races 1-10:

4th of July Regatta Results:

The weather unfortunately didn't want to cooperate this year and we only got two races in!

Races 1 and 2:

Due to issues with the committee boat, we unfortunately had to cancel races this week. Hopefully we'll be able to get out for some good races next week!

2016 Sunfish Racing Results

Sadly, all good things must come to and end, but this summer seemed to fly by particularly fast! Sunfish races are over for the summer, so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved this year. Thank you to the racers who dedicated their Saturday mornings to come out and race (and hopefully have some fun too!), and thank you also to everyone who helped out with race committee this year: Austin Francis, Dean Nerad, Jane Wurster, Georgy Ann and Bill Peluchiwski. Without their help we'd just be a bunch of boats sailing around!
For the season standings, I've only included people who came out to more than one weekend of racing, but if you'd like to see each race's results, feel free to scroll down! And, without further ado, the final results for this year are as follows:
I hope that next year even more of you will be inspired to come out and race on Saturday, we'd love to have more people out there! Have a great year and we'll see you in June for more Sunfish racing!
Race 7:
Even though much of our regular fleet was out of town or otherwise occupied, these two sailors showed up ready to race. I wish the wind had gotten the message! They were only able to get one race off this weekend, and I heard it was a bit challenging due to the light wind, which ended up dying completely, ruining the chance of a second race. Light wind definitely requires some patience, and I'm glad these two had enough to get through one race!
Race 5 and 6:
Though we had a small turnout this weekend, the competition made it a ton of fun! There were a lot of shifts for both the sailors and the race committee, which made it a challenging day of racing. Everyone took these obstacles into stride, however, and made the most of the wind and course they had to work with.
4th of July Regatta:

We had a great turnout for this year’s 4th of July regatta. The breeze was up and so was the competition! We had three great races full of exciting and fun sailing. The competitors featured both a mix of regular Saturday sailors, and some new faces, which was fantastic to see! Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday, we hope to see you out racing again sometime soon.

Sunfish 4th of July 2016
Race 3 and 4 Recap:

The second race weekend provided strong winds from the east and a big field of 9 boats. The start of the first race was clean with most boats opting to tack onto port as soon as possible. A few boats attempted to stay on starboard, but the majority tacked over in order to catch a lift on the northern shore. That proved to be the prevailing tactic throughout the race. Leah led the entire race, followed closely by Nick and Jim Conboy. The field was spread out, but there was good racing and competition for each of the boats. In the first pack of boats Leah led outright, while Nick and Jim battled for second, Nick had second for the first 4 legs, but was passed going upwind in the final stretch. Leah led the entirety of the first race and won over Jim Conboy in second and Nick in third. They were followed by Janet Tieman, Daren Nerad, John Michael Drewno, Genevieve Hesse, Chris Brady, and Timmy Hesse. 


The start of the second race was a hectic one. Due to a wind shift, it was difficult to make the line on starboard tack, meaning that most boats had to circle back and start again on port, while only Jim and Nick made it through on starboard. Leah, the season leader, recovered from her poor start by taking a long port tack, while the majority of the field attempted to go down the middle of the course. Chris Brady had a good line down the middle of the course, and rounded the upwind mark in fourth position followed by John Michael, Daren and Janet. On the downwind Nick and Jim managed to close the gap to Leah, and at the downwind mark, Nick made a move to pass Leah for first position. However, due to an issue with his sail he was forced to tack over prematurely, and Leah took back first position. Daren also managed to pass Chris and John Michael on the second upwind. These positions stood for the final legs, the final finishing order was Leah, Nick, Jim, Daren, John Michael, Chris, Janet, Timmy, then Genevieve.

- Nicholas Peluchiwski
Race 1 and 2 Recap:

The first races of the season had a small but competitive turnout. The wind was 6 knots from the south-southwest. The start of the first race provided a strong advantage for a long port tack, Leah Peluchiwski attempted to start on port, but a starboard start by Nicholas Peluchiwski forced her to duck only for Nick to tack back on top, onto port. John Michael and Daren also started on port, but weren’t forced to duck. All 4 boats took the long leg on port up to the layline and then tacked onto starboard to the line. After all 4 boats had tacked there was a small knock which resulted in additional tacks for all the boats. The rounding order at the first mark was Leah, Nick, Daren, John Michael. During the downwind the field bunched up again, then all 4 rounded in the same order and headed up wind. The same tactic prevailed as the first leg. The rounding order of the second upwind mark was Leah, Nicholas, John Michael, Daren. John Michael had managed a move at the upwind mark. On the last downwind Nicholas caught up to Leah and was along side upon rounding the final downwind mark, as the leg progressed, Nicholas took an early tack, deviating from his prior strategy, while Leah again attempted to do a long tack on port. Nicholas ended up beating her to the line by 3 boat lengths, Leah was followed by John Michael in third and Daren in fourth. 


During the second race Nicholas and Leah reversed roles on the start, Nicholas attempted a port start, while Leah started on starboard, forcing him to tack over. Meanwhile Daren and John Michael had made it across before Leah, Daren started in first and led the majority of the first leg. Leah managed to point higher up, and passed Daren and John Michael. The rounding order at the first mark was Leah, Daren, John Michael, Nick. On the downwind the group bunched up. Heading back upwind, the group took the long port tack, but a knock forced additional tacks. Nick managed to tack a short tack and make the mark before Daren and John Michael. On the final upwind Nick attempted a early tack onto starboard, while the rest of the field played the same strategy as before. John Michael was the last to take over, and got a big lift and puff bringing him to the line, while the rest of the boats got stuck in a lull near the island. John Michael finished first, followed by Leah, then Nick, and then Daren. After the first two races of the season there was a 3 way tie for first. John Michael, Nick, and Leah all had 4 points after the first weekend.

- Nicholas Peluchiwski

2015 Sunfish Racing Results

Sunfish racing is over for 2015 and trophies were presented at the Annual Meeting on September 7, 2015.
The final results were as follows:
201 Final Sunfish Results