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Diamond Lake Youth Special Events

When:  Friday, June 23rd
Where:  Meet at DLYC at 6PM
Who:  6th-12th graders
*Kids will be divided into teams
*Each team will travel via boat driven by experienced teens
*6 DLYC families will host a "challenge" at their home on the lake-Kids may need to swim as part of a challenge--wear suits/bring towels
*Once all 6 "challenges"are completed, they will return to DLYC for an ICE CREAM PARTY!!

**Please RSVP for this event to --Lissa Eshowsky by Tuesday, June 20th.

Water Safety Class:  Niles Y to lead
June 30th, 2017 Time TBD

Water Safety Class - 6/30/2017

 July 31, 2017
One of the many unique traditions to Diamond Lake is the Island Swim.   Every year the youth of Diamond Lake look forward to this rite of passage; however it is not only the youth that participate in this special event, participant’s ages range from the very young to the very young at heart.  The swim starts off at the Diamond Lake Yacht Club and ends at the Island followed by a lunch hosted by the yacht club. 
Island Swim - 7/31/2017

What is the distance from the Diamond Lake Yacht Club to the Island? 

Youth Socials:  Are hosted by volunteer and are appropriate for all ages.  The activities range from movie night, dance parties, to scavenger hunts.  It is a time for both youths and parents to get together, have fun and celebrate lake friendships.  Contact Tina Drewno with ideas and availbility.